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Calling all singer song writer producers!

If you would like to join the Music Wrapped Creator / Artist Roster:

Jim Jagger (Song Creator and Founder)

Jim's passion for music started aged 5 when he inherited the family guitar. He now has a love for many instruments, a wide repertoire of musical interests, & has been producing for about 20 years. He has launched music under the artist names Cloudshapes (with Rien De Keyser), Jim Jagger, & Music Wrapped with multiple singles and EPs released on Spotify and across media streaming platforms and played on radio. Jim founded Music Wrapped in 2021 with the aim of helping intensify love, joy and compassion in the world through personalized musical gifts.

Reasons to join:

1. Earn money doing what you love.

2. Join a network who support your music.

3. Support charity with your work.

Why are we better than other song writing sites?

1. We value our song creator's time, we pay more fairly than other sites.

2. You can choose to sell fully tailored bespoke songs or bespoke lyrics on top of your own backing tracks... or both, we give our clients options.

3. Our song creators support one another's music; a share and share alike policy.

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