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Singing with Headphones

Give someone special a song to remember

The Music Wrapped mission is to intensify love, joy and compassion through personalised musical gifts

How it works

1. Wander your mouse over 'REQUEST A SONG' and whack your finger down at hiiigh speed!

2. Choose a song type, length and if you want any additional benefits.

Song Types...

The Water Works

The Stage

Bespoke multi-instrument song

A bespoke song from scratch with multiple instruments & vocals. Bespoke sound wraps lyrics personalized to your stories and message in a deeply powerful gift.

The Single Tear


Bespoke acoustic song

A bespoke acoustic song from scratch. Two or more instruments and fitted vocals create a very special unique song personalized to your relationship.

The Message

Microphone with singer_edited.jpg

Bespoke lyrics in one of our pre-written template Songs

Choose one of our beautiful template songs. Vocals are rewritten to your story and message for a wonderful gift.

3. We'll confirm we can meet your requested date, send you login details and a way to pay. 

4. The fun part starts! You share the details we'll use to personalize the song.
We ask you questions, to understand your shared relationship prompting fun memories and stories.

Song details we request:

5. Once your order's completed and you've paid, we create and let you know when the Music is Wrapped and ready to download from your very own Song Page.

Why give a song?

Show them how much you care

Young Women Listening to Music

The Music Wrapped mission is to intensify love, joy and compassion through personalized musical gifts


A happy couple for their wedding

Couple on a Beach
Just Your SmileJim Jagger
00:00 / 03:48


"Hi, I'd like a song for my wife on our wedding day. I was struck by her smile when we first met as doctors at a hospital in Derby. After dating a while we went backpacking in New Zealand where I proposed on a beach by a still lake in Malborough Sounds whilst we were canoeing and wild camping there. It's been smooth sailing since."

Customer Review

"What can I say about the song Jim wrote us other than it was perfect. I asked for a song to be written to play at our wedding and Jim set about crafting something magical, touching and personal. By going through what was important to us and asking about our history he was able to craft something that truly helped tell the narrative of our relationship and put into song something I never would be able to. I am so touched and I can't think of a more talented and professional man to work with."

Retirement, moving home and 60th birthday

GaryJim Jagger
00:00 / 04:39


"Our friend Gary has been through a bit of a tough time recently. Moving house has been a real stressor for him and in addition, they lost the family dog recently. It'd be great to give him a song on his 60th birthday in a couple of weeks. Gary is a music producer like yourself, he loves music so he'll enjoy a personalised song. I reckon, something a bit quirky to make him laugh and reflect on the good move he's made out into the countryside."

Customer Review

He absolutely loved it. We were all in stitches and there were tears of joy and laughter from Gary. To use his words, "that was absolutely priceless".

A beautiful soul lacking confidence

Woman Picking Organic Vegetables.jpg
Memories of SpringJim Jagger
00:00 / 03:39


"Hi Jim, my friend has been suffering with low confidence at the moment, struggling with life. I would like to get her a song that can help her feel good and build her up a bit. She is a keen gardener, has 3 beautiful kids, loves poetry and relaxing with friends."

Customer Review

"Thank you so much, it's beautiful, I know this will really brighten her day."

A 40th birthday present

Sunset Love
My EverythingJim Jagger
00:00 / 04:52


"I'd like a song for my wife for her 40th birthday please. We met for the first time playing Ultimate Frisbee in the snow. On our first date I got her some plastic flowers as a joke and we got ice cream and talked for hours on Clapham Common. We've now got 2 kids and we love them to bits. She is really my rock; I owe her so much for her selfless support and love her unfathomably deeply.

Customer Review

I received the most awesome birthday song this year via Music Wrapped. I laughed, I cried and absolutely loved it! I have replayed it too many times to count! A wonderful reminder of my husband's love for me and a general pick-me-up feel good song with reminders of many treasured memories. Thank you!

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