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  • What special details should I give you to put in the song?
    Really anything goes; we were once asked to write a song about a Mountain Goat! Obviously to tailor a song we need some key details: Who it is for and from What the song is for e.g. to be played at our wedding. The genre of the song e.g. psychedelic trance, hillbilly hip hop etc. The feeling of the song e.g. uplifting, joyous, sad, hopeful, angry, chilled out etc. 5 key elements to tailor the song to. These can be determined after going through the following non compulsory questions which we ask to prompt memories: How long you've known them. Special moments you have shared together. Happy / difficult / memorable times shared e.g. births, deaths, events (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays etc). Specific personal attributes or traits that you want to champion. Passions, hobbies, skills, that they enjoy or you enjoy together. Any specific original (non copyrighted) lyrics you have written yourself and would like to include (we will write all lyrics if not). By purchasing a song you are agreeing that none of the content you submit has been copied from a 3rd party artist. Also, just FYI, profanity is allowed if you wish. Anything unresolved with them that you want to forgive or ask forgiveness for. If you want you can also add the name of a song that the person likes and we can try to match the vibe.
  • What length should I request?
    This is completely up to you, but here's what we find works well: - 1 minute allows for a song intro, a verse and a chorus. It's a bit like writing someone a letter wrapped in a big hug. - 2 minutes allows for a song intro, a verse, a chorus, another verse, and a final chorus. Like telling a short story by the fire. - 3 minutes allows for a song intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, and chorus. For when you want to tell a really good story or really make someone feel extra extra special.
  • Once I submit my order, can I get a refund or make any changes?
    Before receiving the song As song writing is a time intensive process and significant administration is required to setup your tailored song, we do not offer refunds unless you make your request within 1 hour of your order. If you cancel your order after 1 hour but within 24 hours, 70% of your order fee will be refunded (inc. Tax). We charge a 30% administration fee to cover significant time already invested in setting up the project and the time required to cancel the order. Once you have submitted your order, we cannot guarantee any further changes will be allowed. But if you are within 24 hours of the order being made, please send us an email on and we will accommodate where possible. Outside of 24 hours the time taken to make any change to a base level song structure, or lyrical melody could be significant and would need to be chargeable to protect our artists time. If you have changes you absolutely want us to make to your order after the 24 hours, you can contact us to arrange an extra fee to cover the time required to make the change. However please note, our artists have to consider the delivery dates of multiple projects, so your order may be slightly delayed by a change request, and possibly even significantly delayed if we have another booking straight after yours. We want you to have a great song by the date you need it, so we will obviously do everything we can within the time we have. Once you have received the song If you feel the high standards that we guarantee in our Terms and Conditions have not been met please let us know: Standards we uphold for all of our songs: 1. A good quality sound recording 2. Vocals in key 3. Meets or is longer than the requested length 4. Meets the genre you requested 5. Contains at least your top 5 details as specified. If this is not what you receive, please let us know within 7 days of the song's delivery and we will fix it at no extra charge. On a side note, we take great pride in our work, we consider it a privilege to serve you, and we aim to outperform the quality of other song writing services with every song we create. For a preferential change like extending the length of the song, changing lyrics, adding instruments or adding different instruments or a different melody, we can do so for a fee, based on how much writing and production time it will take to make the change. But again please be aware that our artists will be managing multiple projects so might or might not be able to make the changes immediately.
  • How long will it take to create my song?
    This depends on the options you choose for your song. The process can take anywhere between a 2 and 9 working days after you've uploaded details and paid. It also depends on our song creators' availability. We aim to deliver you a stunning song that will be treasured for a life time. This is a fine art and can take time to get it right. So please give us enough time to deliver our very best to you. 😊 We may even follow up after the date with a better version of the song if we get additional inspiration that we didn't get first time round. Our involvement in the work we do for you doesn't necessarily end with the first song we send you. The more time we have to work on your song in advance of the date you need it, the more time we'll be able to put into it. But rest assured our commitment to quality for the first song you receive remains.
  • How will I receive my song?
    You have options: We work directly with our customers. We use Google Drive to send you a song download link. We also have 2 great services you can add to your order: 1. We can upload the song to all streaming platforms e.g. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc for an additional fee. 2. We have a graphic designer in the team who can design a beautiful PDF of the song lyrics. We find these are a really nice addition that can be framed as a wonderful special gift to accompany the song.
  • Can I sell the song I commission or use it to make money?
    If you choose the option "for personal use" you can only use the song for personal use i.e. as long as you do not make any money from it. In order to be legally licensed to use the song for commercial purposes, you must choose "for commercial use" when setting up your order and we'll get back to you with a price based on the work.
  • Does Music Wrapped donate to charity?
    Music Wrapped is a strong advocate for people and planet. For this reason Music Wrapped donates 10% of it's profits to various charities chosen by our artists. At the moment the key charities we give to are: 1. Helping people weather the impact of war 2. Helping people weather the impact of natural disasters 3. Supporting the regeneration of wild areas and conservation, generating jobs in the developing world 4. Funding vital scientific research into Motor Neuron Disease. In the hope that these donations will address immediate needs and contribute to a more joyful, loving and compassionate world. These charities align with Music Wrapped's purpose / reason for existence, which is to intensify and promote love, joy and compassion through personalized shared musical gifts.
  • Any question unanswered in our FAQ?
    Hi, hope you're having a great time visiting our website. If you have any questions about our service that our website or FAQ didn't answer, please send us an email on and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Also, we can then add it to the FAQ, which will help other people and make you our new best friend. So if you've got a new question for us just know we think... Lots of love, Jim
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