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Being a Music Wrapped Creator / Artist

Please read before completing the application form at the end

The Music Wrapped Purpose

At Music Wrapped we immortalize our customers shared memories, feelings and thoughts by putting them into song.


The Music Wrapped Mission

To intensify love, joy and compassion in people's relationships through personalized musical gifts.

Why would you want to be a Music Wrapped Song Creator?

  1. Earn more per bespoke song than other large personalized song websites

  2. Work to your own schedule.

  3. Support the Music Wrapped Mission.

  4. 10% of our profits (or more) go to charity, you get to direct to which charities (more details below).

  5. Network with musicians and producers.

  6. Join a supportive community to amplify your social media presence.

  7. Industry credibility from being a Music Wrapped Song Creator.

  8. We cover the cost of finding customers, so you can focus on doing what you love!

  9. We do the admin and pay for songs to be uploaded to streaming networks (if a customer chooses this option).

Music Wrapped's Product Offer

Different lengths, genres and feelings within 3 tiers:

  • The Water Works - fully bespoke multi-instrument songs.

  • The Single Tier - fully bespoke acoustic songs.

  • The Message - lyrics only contracts using your pre-uploaded backing tracks (so you can hook business).

The 3 tiers give you choice in terms of how you work, and in particular how you use any backing tracks you’ve already created that you aren't doing anything with yet. You have the choice of whether you:


1. Wait for a fully bespoke song contract to use the instrumental track, or...

2. Add it to Music Wrapped as a lyrics only track, and see if it hooks in a customer for you.

  • Adding it to Music Wrapped as a backing track let's customers know the backing track can / has been used more than once. This is open and honest for customers; it's their choice whether they get a unique song or be one in a few who have a bespoke lyrics version of one that's already out there.


  • Having backing tracks on the site is additional marketing for you; showcasing your potential as an artist.


  • Whenever you launch a new track on Music Wrapped (bespoke or backing track), we share it through our social media platforms, and encourage other Music Wrapped Artists to share too (share and be shared policy), so as a harmonized community we market each other and grow our social media presence.


  • We allow commercial offers. Companies / influencers may approach the website looking for commercial music. If you get commercial interest in a song, then you can use it for that. We are non-exclusive, and we don't charge a fee to have the songs on the website, so you can add it to Music Wrapped and non-exclusive libraries. The caveat is you can't join the Music Wrapped Artist Roster without having the ability to create a high quality full song with vocals.

Charitable Giving

10% of Music Wrapped profits from song sales go to charity. There are people in the world who need help, and we will not stand idly by while this is the case. But to be clear, this is 10% of Music Wrapped's share of any song sale (not yours). As a Rostered Artist you decide to which charities it is directed.

Environmental impact

In general people buy too much ‘stuff’! By selling a bespoke song, you give people an environmental personal gift option.

Our home office is run by solar, and battery power, which covers 90% of our energy use. We recognize that streaming music still has an environmental impact, but better than manufacturing physical products and the transport impact that goes with that.

Job Role - Music Wrapped Song Creator ('Artist' doesn't quite cover it)

  • To write, record, produce, mix and master (we can help) original songs.

  • To write tailored lyrics on top of your base tracks (as and when chosen by customers).


  • To tailor music to customer-submitted briefs incorporating at least their top 5 'details to include', messages and specified lyrics, fitting the chosen genre, feeling and length.

Responsibilities of the role

  • Write original / adapt customer submitted lyrics


  • Write original music to support lyrics when a bespoke song is ordered


  • Compose songs to a consistently high standard in line with our quality assertions:

    • Vocals on key.

    • Good quality sound recordings or well integrated digital sounds.

    • A high quality well balanced mix to industry streaming volume standards i.e. well mixed and ideally mastered

    • At least including the top 5 must include elements in the song as specified in the customer brief.

  • Submit songs for review and make changes where required.


  • Share and support other artists, including share and be shared policy.


  • Contribute to the Music Wrapped production knowledge space (once a year or more).

Must haves:

  • Ability and means to record good quality sound

    • Easy access to and proficiency in recording sound using a DAW via a studio or home studio


  • Ability to write music and lyrics

    • Ability to produce songs using your own physical or digital instruments in keeping with chosen genre.​

    • Ability to correct any vocals that are off key


  • Ability to meet deadlines once work accepted


  • Good reading comprehension & attention to detail


  • Ability to take feedback on board and put customers preferences ahead of your own.



  • Ability to do basic mastering (using e.g. Isotope Ozone)


  • The Song Creators / Artists on our roster are independent contractors i.e. self employed contributors.


  • Payment is determined by what is ordered by the customer (no fixed salary).

An example - a 3 minute fully produced multi-instrument bespoke song would cost a customer £549 (including tax). So song price after tax would be £439, and you would get £197 of that.

After tax our proportion of song earnings covers:

1. Cost of advertising and marketing of you and us on our social media

2. Administration of projects, website and shared space management costs


3. Review and feedback on your work.


4. Charitable donations.

Other perks

  • We can do some basic mastering on your song for £49 if you cannot do this yourself (cheap deal for our song creators vs the market rate).

  • Your customer will have the option to give a tip / gratuity, which you would receive 100% of.

  • If a customer requests to add the song to streaming platforms, this is organized by Music Wrapped. Essentially our customer pays for the admin and subscription fee of the single being loaded on streaming sites.

  • For ease, cost effectiveness, and marketing we launch it under the 'artist' Music Wrapped with Music Wrapped single artwork with the name of the song in the centre (check out Spotify Music Wrapped to see how it will appear). However, you keep full writer and production copyright i.e. it'll say "copyright C your name 20XX" and "copyright P your name 20XX" underneath it or in credits, and you'll earn all royalties from it except the online performance royalty.

  • This does not stop you creating a slightly different version e.g. a remastered version, and uploading that to streaming sites yourself as well.

  • So the benefit for you is your music out there available to the world and you've spent no money or admin time to achieve it. You can share it with your followers and in the meantime could be spending time working on your next big hit. We expect you'd relaunch it under your artist name as well, but that's up to you.

  • We'll share your Music Wrapped launch on our social media pages and shared space with other song creators. Then you can even share it on our shared space, share another artist's work and ask for a share in return. So, tripling (or more) the support for your launch.

  • As you still own all the copyright to the recordings you can still split the stems up and add them to sync libraries or whatever else. As long as you don't use customer's actual names or identifying details like emails, addresses, in any songs you make available to the world. That would be a breach of customer data privacy law (GDPR) and outside of the Terms and Conditions of Music Wrapped's business.

  • Custom Lyrics PDFs are organized by us separately as well. So, your song lyrics could very well become part of a piece of art somewhere on someone's wall for all to see and admire.

  • We only hire the best, so if approved to join our roster you get a Music Wrapped stamp of approval that sets the standard of your music apart from the rest.

For more information and to apply to join the team, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and fill out the application form below.

Music Wrapped Artist Application Form

Please confirm you can do all of the following:

Must haves

Can you master music yourself?

Tell us a bit about your career so far as a musician?

Tell us about a time you've created a bespoke song for someone? Why did you create it and what was your process for writing it?

Tell us a story about when you've received constructive feedback and how you dealt with it.

Please share up to 3 links to music you've created that would be most appropriate to the work we do.

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