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Available song types

The Water Works

The Stage

Prices from £219

Bespoke multi-instrument song (produced & mastered)

This is the full package. A bespoke song created from scratch, containing multiple instruments, sounds & vocals with lyrics tailored to your message / story. A beautiful cacophony of sound will bring power and feeling to the story / message you want to tell.

The Single Tear

The Message



Microphone with singer_edited.jpg

Prices from £119

Bespoke acoustic song (produced & mastered)

A bespoke song from scratch. One or two acoustic instruments plus vocals are used to create a really special song that will tell your story / deliver your message to the one/s you love.

Prices from £189

Bespoke lyrics sung to one of our template songs (listen below)

You choose from a selection of beautiful template songs. The vocals are replaced with personalised lyrics giving you a really personal and heartfelt gift.

The Message - Available Template Songs

Upbeat Pop

Romantic Proposal

Artist - Jim Jagger


Acoustic Mood Booster

Romantic Proposal

Artist - Jim Jagger


Upbeat rock

Romantic Proposal

Artist - Jim Jagger


Additional benefits / bolt on options

Both streaming and lyrics PDF

Romantic Proposal

A combo deal - add the song to all streaming platforms and receive a professional lyrics PDF


Song on streaming platforms

Romantic Proposal

Song added to all streaming platforms to ensure easy accessibility and listening with friends and family.


Bespoke Lyrics PDF

Romantic Proposal

A professionally designed PDF of the lyrics that can make a beautiful piece of art or physical print out.


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