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About Us

It started with a beat. The beat of a drum in the community. The simultaneous beat of a heart longing to intensify love, joy and compassion. A fervent belief that God's love is evident in the most intensely emotional moments of our lives; our shared memories and experiences.


Then an idea. To vibrantly capture and immortalize those moments forever by wrapping them in beautiful music.

What do you get for the person who has everything? Does anyone really need any more stuff? The world is already bursting with plastic. Music Wrapped is for anyone who is looking for a deeply personal, environmentally friendly, ethical way to show someone they are loved.

We ask you questions to get to the heart of what makes your relationship with said special person so unique. The result, your story and message encapsulated by a beautiful, fitted piece of music, recorded to radio standard.

At Music Wrapped we only hire the best and only those who are intent on helping people with their music. Those who believe music is not primarily a tool for mass consumption (although it can be), instead a means of supporting someone through a stressful time, deepening a couple's love, comforting someone through loss, sharing a celebration of someone's existence or success... where personal human connections are the most important thing for us to strengthen and support if want to drive society away from excess to success.

With multiple years' experience writing high quality music (inc. media attention and radio plays) the song creators on our books are masters of their trades. But fundamentally and importantly, they write music for love.

Music Wrapped was founded by Jim Jagger. Jim is a song writer, writing under the names Jim Jagger, Cloudshapes, and through Music Wrapped and he has written countless tailored songs for people. Jim's mission is the Music Wrapped mission. Also, psychologically trained, he loves understanding people, and he has a deep desire to support relationships and bring people together.

The feedback we've received says this could be the best gift 'they' ever receive. So what are you waiting for, choose a song type and get in touch; we'd love to help.

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